Sean Hannity Strikes Down The Obama Administration With A Chilling Warning!

As we all know, Sean Hannity prepares himself to file a lawsuit against Obama and his administration after it was revealed that he was a target to the illegal unmasking by the NSA.

Hannity responded to The Gateway Pundit’s report that he was preparing to sue the Obama administration in a series of tweets. In One tweet, he revealed he has hired four of the countries best attorneys because “THE CONSTITUTION MATTERS’.

Hannity has been preparing for litigation for a few months. As TGP reported in April, according to reports, Fox News’ Sean Hannity was also caught up in the Obama administration’s surveillance and unmasking scandal. Sean Hannity was a guest on ‘Rose Unplugged‘ and gave his reaction to these allegations.

Hannity: “You know, look..I’m only reading the same things that you’re reading and I don’t have any confirmation at all, but apparently somebody is saying that there was surveillance of me and unmasking of me. Now, I have no knowledge of it, Rose. We’re friends..I always tell the straight up truth…

…And I will say this, if it ever does turn out to be true, I will be filing suit because, you know they can’t say that is incidental surveillance because that would be that there was no way…because I don’t do anything nefarious and that would mean that I would have been a target of a political….you know if political surveillance took place of me, I will sue everybody involved. I promise you.”

Rose: “Good for you!

Hannity: “They will have to be deposed and go under oath and I will have civil action against anybody that might have been involved in that, but honestly I have no knowledge. I see what everybody else is seeing, my friends are seeing. I’ve been saying on Twitter that I have no knowledge of it…so but there have been stories all over the place about it but I really don’t know.

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