Nothing But The Truth: Ivanka Trump Drops A BOMBSHELL On America – “My Father Will NEVER…

Even though he had to face a lot of biased and fake accusations from the liberals and their mainstream media, Donald Trump did not stop gaining support from the US citizens throughout his campaign, all the way to the White House.

One may ask how is it possible for a racist, homophobic, sexist to get the support of decent US citizen. One may assume that those who voted for him are just like him. But the truth is really different. Trump’s voters are aware citizens who can separate fake from real. And Donald Trump appears to be an effective, smart, and successful person.

By looking at his children, one can tell what kind of person he is. Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka delivered some amazing speeches at the Republican National Convention. They all put everything in the campaign and helped bond with the US citizens.



From Conservative Tribune:

As a tireless spokeswoman for now-President-elect Donald Trump, Ivanka gave Americans a glimpse of what to expect of our new first family: poise, confidence, and a tireless work ethic. She campaigned from one coast to another…

Ivanka, a successful businesswoman in her own right, spoke the fearless truth about her father’s commitment to equality and opportunity. She never wavered in her support of his candidacy and was often the public face of the family…

“Thank you, America, for the trust that you placed in my father,” Trump wrote. “He will never let you down.”

The left really had no strategy against Trump’s children, who are upstanding, decent, intelligent, and successful individuals. The media couldn’t find any dirt to undermine them, so they tried to ignore them, sticking to tactics that disgraced their father. That was their mistake.

Ivanka Trump was an effective champion of her father, inspiring many young women, mothers, and working professionals. She was a sterling example of Trump’s respect for women, how he empowers them to succeed in every aspect of their life.

When so many celebrities show off their spoiled brats, the Trump family continues to be respectable, decent Americans, fine role models for our children.

Source: Conservative Tribune





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