Rats On ”The View” Mock Melania Trump – Learn A Valuable Tough Lesson IMMEDIATELY! [VIDEO]

The ABC talk show ”The View” is a famous gathering place where liberals gather and talk bad about President Trump and his family. This time, they took things way too far.

Conservative 101 reported that:

The hosts just launched a xenophobic attack against Melania Trump for supposedly not speaking English.

I bet they’ll let them in if they speak Russian,” said Behar.

“You know, I took personal offense to it because many people know Spanish is my first language. I learned English when I was five. The suggestion somehow that you have to speak English in order to merit being an American, it’s just shocking to me,” said host Sunny Hostin.

But you know what, even the president doesn’t have basic English skills. I mean when you think about it. He doesn’t have — he speaks — the way he talks, he doesn’t know the difference between — what was it? Presidential and precedential by the way,” said Behar.

And his wife who is also an immigrant doesn’t speak perfect English,” said Hostin.

But she speaks Russian,” said Behar.

Clearly, they don’t see the hypocrisy of accusing Trump of xenophobia and then being xenophobic themselves. They went on to attack Trump’s children, with Behar saying they’ll end up in prison.

Maybe he could look forward to an extended stay at Rikers Island, that might be a fun vacation. So he’ll have his sons with him. It will be like a family reunion,” said Behar.

You can watch the full video here:

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