JUST IN: Comey To Spend The Next 5 Years IN PRISON For Doing Something TERRIBLE Against Trump

Democrats are totally slobbering over the last planned scandal. Now they are completely convinced that they possess the “smoking gun” which will take President Trump down. A few days back, James Comey reached out to the New York Times. He talked about the speculations that Trump requested him to abandon the investigation against his ex-security advisor Michael Flynn. And now, the leftists say that it was “obstruction of justice” from Trump’s behalf.

But recently, there was something big revealed connected to Comey’s testimony, which might backfire on him and ultimately, get him in prison for up to 5 years.


We all saw the crooked antics of Comey during the last year. It all started with the nonsense regarding Hillary and the indictment. The idea of taking down President Trump, despite being dark, is now proven to be 100% made up.


During the testimony, Comey stated that he was not blackmailed from Trump or his administration to stop any investigation for political gains. According to this, Comey ends up to be a liar howsoever. There are 2 probable case scenarios.

  1. He did not tell the truth during his May 3rd testimony under oath before the Senate, a felony, and a jury.
  2. He lied in his statement to the New York Times regarding Trump and his memo. He stated that Trump requested Comey to stop the procedures against Michael Flynn.

Got News has more:

Former FBI Director James Comey testified under Senate oath that the Trump administration had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes.

Comey admitted that the FBI has always been free to operate without political interference—flying in the face of Democrats’ paranoid delusions about Russia and President Donald J. Trump, and exposing for what it is a new political witch hunt Wednesday by enemies within the president’s own Justice Department.

Videotaped testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee blows apart the phony narrative New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt wove on Tuesday, which resulted in Mueller’s appointment. Schmidt’s only sources were anonymous. They claimed that Trump had asked Comey to end an investigation into Flynn’s connections to Russia.
Schmidt’s allegations that Trump attempted to obstruct justice hinged on the sources’ accounts of a memo authored the same day. Schmidt, a Democrat party lackey, admitted he hasn’t even seen the document—dated nearly three months before Comey’s testimony that totally contradicts it.





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