Trump Wakes Up At Camp David, First Thing In The Morning He Literally Destroys Obama!

President Donald Trump spent his weekend at the Camp David and he wanted to take little Barron to make him see what Camp Davis is all about.

You can tell he is refreshed because of first thing this morning he unloaded on Obama – his favorite target – in a series of devastating tweets.

Well, devastating if your name is Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. If you are an America you are giving him a standing ovation.

A loud, rousing, all-American standing ovation.

Because we are back and despite all the obstruction and roadblocks by the Democrats, Trump is getting his agenda through.

And the results speak for themselves and are so loud they drone out even Obama’s obnoxious rhetoric.

Facts don’t lie Barack, Democrats do.

Facts don’t lie Barack, Democrats and the liberal media do.

Then, in what can be called a dagger to the heart he crushed Obama by citing the most accurate poll in America:

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