IT’S OFFICIAL! Obama Hacked The Elections! You Won’t Believe Who Is Involved!

According to the Circa news reports from this week, and some intelligence officials who gave their testimony we now know that Obama and his team spied the American citizens

By virtue of a Circa news report and intelligence officials who testified this week, we are now aware of how much Obama’s administration spied on American citizens, however weaponized intelligence against his political rivals, as well, the Trump team, naturally being among them.

And MSM still virtually ignores the story.

Via NY Post:

 Circa News, luckily informed us about how the  NSA managed by President Barack Obama infracted privacy protections on a daily basis, while lurking through foreign intercepts including US citizens — and was unable to disclose the breaches, making the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court a month prior to the election to rebuke administration officials.The story is what’s known as “upstream” data gathering under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, by which the NSA looks at the electronic communication content. Upstream refers to information acquired by third parties: Person A sends Person B an e-mail which mentions Person C. Though Person C isn’t a party to the e-mail, his intel will be scooped up and possibly used by the NSA.The number of NSA lookups of American surfaced after Obama loosened the protections on disclosing the identities.

The FISA court referred to it as a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue” that NSA analysts — in violation of a 2011 rule change preventing officials from looking through Americans’ information without a warrant — “had been conducting such queries in violation of that prohibition, with much greater frequency than had been previously disclosed to the Court.”

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