Get Off His Back! Russia’s Latest Statement on US Relations Shows They Are Desperate Trying to Control Trump

Six months passed after Trump’s win and the accusations lean towards collusion with Russia are still front page news. During this period no material evidence has surfaced suggesting Trump is a puppet to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While the president might fire off brash tweets from time-to-time, his actual actions imply that he isn’t aiming to stop any investigation into Russia. Furthermore, the investigation into the issue has not produced any damning or incriminating evidence of collusion from Trump hence the relations between the United States and Russia are about to get frosty. Are you wondering too?

President Trump’s speech on Cuba and ending Obama’s policy with the communist state did not sit well with Russia, a country that ‘abandoned communism‘ in the early 90s.

Reuters reported that:

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that ‘anti-cuban’ actions recently announced by Washington were regrettable and that Moscow confirmed its solidarity with Havana. 

The ministry also said that the new approach toward Cuba by the U.S. administration resembles a ‘Cold war rhetoric.’

Putin has yet to make any comment on America reversing Obama’s decision to restore diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba.

Sometimes words aren’t needed, when the answer is pictured.

The Russia conspiracy against Trump just found another dead end.


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