BREAKING: President Trump BREAKS The FBI Probe! We Must Join Him In His Fight Against Crooked Leakers!

The president won the election with his campaign, not with some imaginary Russian “influence”. He won it in order to develop the situation in America and to make it a better living place for every American. For how long they will try to falsely making people believe in some special investigation towards him? Sensible people will dismiss every little lie surrounding Trump.

Media like Liberal Media are consistent in speculating the bad use of his own social media. But what it is going to happen if he stops publishing? Without his tweets people will be simply brainwashed.

His tweets are encouraging for sure. Just to read from them, you can see his willpower and intention of making America great again, and let’s hope that Trump won’t stop in revealing what is really happening in the state we live in.

 After yesterday’s incredible leak to the press by Robert Muellers “special council” team, President Trump
decided he’d had just about enough of this nonsense. Bravo!

Amazingly Trump is avoiding all of the media and deep state government leakers and continues to keep his words mentioned during his election campaign. He’s a example of how people through struggle are resilient in order to succeed in their work.

People like Robert Mueller and his “special council” should be fired on spot. Mueller is Comey’s best friend and Comey turned out to be a leaker and a traitor. Now Mueller is leaking stuff out. Who’s next in their mutual crookedness?


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