Rand Paul EXPOSED Barack Obama – This Crime Would Put Him In Prison

Rand Paul confirmed that during his campaign he was being watched by the Obama administration:

We’ve had two reporters call us who’ve said they have sources. I have not seen the sources so i cannot say on way or the other. But when i have two different reporters calling me saying they have multiple sources saying the Obama administration was either unmasking or querying presidential candidates, my ears to do perk up.

He was backing the President all the away in removing Comey from his position and dismissed all Russia-related allegations right before he EXPOSED Obama doing.

According to Sen. Paul many reports flew in his election with news that he’s under surveillance by the Obama administration. He is the second victim to confirm that he was under the loop from the same administration.

Paul reached the President recently in a official letter to have a peak into the potential illegality.

Barack Obama appears to monitor several presidential candidates to expose them in front of their rivals, especially making efforts for Hillary Clinton to win.

Let’s not forget that he was the one to allow NSA to develop the largest spy network worldwide. We and and the globe we were in their hands literally.

The Guardian reports that despite Obama had his eyes on more than 35 world leaders, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel telephone was also wiretapped. Madness!


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