WATCH: President Trump Just ENDED Rachel Maddow In The BEST INTERVIEW Yet!

As we already knew, Trump was absolutely mad at NBC and their host Rachel Maddow for leaking his tax return on Live TV. This is against the law and most of all, against every moral code of this and every other community.

In contrast to what democrats would’ve done if they were in his position, Trump didn’t jump instantly like a little on an ice-cream van. He waited to lay his return until last night when he was a guest on Watters World show emitted on FOX News.

He basically thorns Maddow to pieces in the same way she hit him. On Live TV…

Check out the video bellow:

He just called MSNBC BAD PEOPLE for their series of crimes they’ve done to this country and him in particular.

And he definitely didn’t end there. As he started speaking about Rachel Maddow you can hear a background crowd going ‘nuts’. He added, “There’s something wrong with her!”

Indeed! There is something wrong about her! Instead of minding her own business, she had to act a fool and show a leaked tax return from the POTUS from back in 2005. This info is about 12 years old and she shows it like the head of a king.

And the drama got even bigger when her fellow liberals realized that this incident only made Trump look better instead of reducing his political popularity.

A tax return is a very important thing and you’re not supposed to be leaking them, and they do. They just don’t respect the law and we have to change that.”

AMEN! I am blessed to have a president like Trump to guide our country. I am simply blessed!

Trump Is One Of The Most Honorable Men I Know!

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