$32 Billion Muslim Immigrant Scandal BOOMED The Entire Nation!

Latest Europe’s immigration problem has been one massive disaster that shocked the whole continent. By welcoming millions of refugees mainly from the Middle East, Europe has basically dug their own graves since the refugees have turned out to be extremely dangerous and not obeying the law.

Some countries like Germany, Sweden, France have agreed to take the most part of the refugees without the vetting process.

They just let the immigrants come without any supervision about who are they letting in. This is a very fertile ground for achieving one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the past few decades.

The EU members were talking how good this is, as the refugees will increase the birth rate, will work the jobs Europeans refuse to work and will profit all of them.

Leaders of the EU claimed taking in refugees was a good thing. They would be a boon to their nations’ economies and fill the jobs Europeans were unwilling to fill.

The result? Not what they expected.

Instead, the refugees refuse to work as well, peaceful cities have grown dangerous ghettos and the crime rate has significantly increased. People are scared.

The Sharia law in Europe is thriving as immigrants are basically allowed to practice their laws inside these ghettos. The rape of white women is booming, instead of the European economy, as the leaders of the EU have expected.

NEE reported:

Sweden’s 318,000 “Syrian” refugees, or migrants, will cost the country a bare minimum of $32.7 billion USD in 2017.”

That’s 33% of Sweden’s central government’s annual budget, and 5.5% of their GDP—imagine if the US spent $1 trillion on refugees, same proportions.”

That’s just over $102,000 per refugee per year.  For reference, the average annual income in Sweden is $41,000 a year.”

From this, $8,7 billion are costs made by immigrant’s criminals activities. This budget was tried to be hidden from the public by the government.

Let’s get one thing straight, refugees are not there to help Europe’s economy. They are there just to succeed their common goal. In 2016, in Sweden, of all the immigrants, only around 500 got jobs. The other 99% are doing illegal activities as their daily routine.

However, only a couple of politicians agree that this was a total disaster. Other European politicians are silent.

Do you think refugees should be taken back to their countries as soon as the war ends?

I surely hope so!

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